Achieve W.A.R.R.I.O.R. Principles

At Achieve, we use Darren’s W.A.R.R.I.O.R. Principles to guarantee your success.  Darren has been a full-time health coach for over 18 years and has developed this system to use only the methods that get rapid, long lasting results.

The W.A.R.R.I.O.R. Principles offer a holistic approach to health, fitness and wellness training. To be accepted as a client by Achieve you need to commit to these principles 100% for the first 4 weeks of coaching, this is a pre-requisite of training with our coaches.

  • Water

    We are constantly being told by the media to stay hydrated and drink more water but little information is provided about why.  Basically, our bodies are approximately 70% water and we need to keep this level topped up consistently.

    Even mild dehydration adversely affects the body but it is often mistaken for just being a little run down; feeling weak, tired, headaches, dry skin and dizziness are among these.

    Imagine a car engine in need of an oil top up, it works but not smoothly. This is the same with our bodies; water is our engine oil, being hydrated provides the correct environment for everything to run smoothly.

    Many of the people we assess are dehydrated; particularly recreational exercisers. Dehydration levels of only 5% can lead to a drop in physical performance of up to 30%, thus by simply drinking more fluids you can increase your energy levels and achieve more from your training.

    During your initial assessment, we will advise you on the correct quantity, quality and timing of your fluid intake to create optimal hydration.

  • Attitude

    One of the most important aspects of achieving your goals is having the right mindset.  We want you to think like a WARRIOR, a warrior doesn’t give in or have doubt of success at their first set back.  They assess the situation and form a new plan to win.

    We will COACH you to win at your goals.  There is no way you can fail when you have the mindset of a WARRIOR.

    We will establish what goals are most important to YOU; goals that excite, motivate and challenge what you currently believe is possible.

    We will plan your route to success; when, where and how you will arrive at your goal.

    We will prepare you for barriers and battles you may face on the journey to your destination.

    With a WARRIOR attitude you can’t fail to achieve goals that you never thought were possible.

  • Real Food

    Everybody who trains with Achieve must commit to following The Real Food Plan for the first 4 weeks of their programme.

    The aim of The Real Food Plan is to reduce the amount of toxins you take in to your body. Many of the foods we commonly shop for contain ingredients that our bodies find hard to process and are considered to be a toxin to our systems.

    Your body will then store these away in fat until it has time to process them.  We know the effects of some of the obvious toxins without being told; the reason many people drink alcohol is for the toxic effect of being drunk, however they then complain when the toxic effect of hangover hits them.

    You will only eat foods that are natural, wholesome and supportive to your body.
    • You will learn how to identify which foods work for you (one size fits all diets do not work, our digestive systems are as unique as our fingerprints).
    • We will give you recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to allow maximum choice and variety.
    • We will tell you which snacks to eat to minimise hunger, cravings and the munchies.
    • We will also tell you which foods to avoid ensuring that you feel and look great.

  • Rest, Recovery and Regeneration

    The quality and amount of rest and recovery we have makes massive differences to the speed at which we achieve our goals.  In this instance we are classing rest as the amount of sleep you are getting and recovery as the amount of time spent recovering from your lifestyle.

    It is an area that is often overlooked, but simply increasing the quality and amount of sleep you get can turn your body into a fat burning machine.  Sleep directly influences your hormonal output; you will learn how to optimise your sleep patterns for best results.

    You will be advised on optimal recovery throughout your exercise programme; the time between exercises, sets and sessions to get fantastic results in minimum time.

    You will receive stretch, massage, breathing techniques and relaxation programmes to complete at home.

  • Intensity

    Is the key to rapid results; exercising at the correct intensity to achieve your goals is vital. This doesn’t mean following an out of date, inaccurate heart rate chart but ensuring that you are getting the most out of each training session.

    Your body has over 600 muscles and we want you to work them all.  Many of the machines in health clubs have been designed by marketing departments to get you to join and can lead to dysfunction in your body.

    We focus on your body working the way it was designed to; as a complete unit.

    Our personal trainers will coach you in the very best ways to get the results you want to achieve in the fastest time possible.

    Intensity shouldn’t be confused with us just beasting you.  Each clients needs and abilities are fully established prior to starting any programme.  It is often the case that our new members require an introduction plan to correct past injuries and poor movement patterns.

    Exercise is a stress on the body, adding high intensity exercise from the start may not be the correct option for you at the moment.  Unfortunately, we have seen too many personal trainers and bootcamps in our time break their clients by adding too much too soon and not paying enough attention to correct form.

  • Optimal Alignment

    Your training programme will be designed specifically for YOU; you will receive a full Integrated Movement Assessment when starting with Achieve.  This ensures that all of our programmes are personal to you, that’s why it’s called personal training, we don’t offer programmes off the shelf, like many trainers.

    The Integrated Movement Assessment (IMA) is the cutting edge in physical assessment, the focus being on how your body works on a functional level including postural and movement analysis, muscle firing patterns, joint integrity, neurological and core function testing.

    The IMA gives us a unique picture of how your muscles, joints and neurological system work. Our coaches then use this information to address postural issues, muscular dysfunction and strength and flexibility imbalances.

    This is PERSONAL training; everything about your programme is specific to YOU.

    The result is an efficient pain-free body that looks and feels amazing.

  • Responsibility

    There are 168 hours in a week and your coach can only be responsible for what you do during the time that you see them.

    You have to take personal responsibility for achieving your goals; you have to commit to them 100%.

    We will do everything within our power and abilities to keep you on track and achieving.

    Your coach will guide you through the W.A.R.R.I.O.R. principles and how to follow them for success.

    You will learn how to set and focus on goals that really matter to you, not ones you think you should aim for.

    You have to take responsibility for the quality, quantity and nutritional content of foods you have, we will help you by giving you meal plans, recipes, food diaries and regular support but you need to take control.

    We will guide you with exercise programmes and tell you exactly what to do and when to do it, but we can’t do it for you; you have to take action.

    By empowering you to take responsibility for your goals we guarantee you will achieve more than you thought was possible.

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