If you have landed on this page, you are interested in finding a personal trainer in Coventry and Warwickshire to help you achieve your health, fitness, fat loss or rehabilitation goals.

We understand that with literally hundreds to choose from; the decision of who to trust with your time, effort and ultimately your hard earned cash is a difficult one.

We know that nobody actually wants a personal trainer; just the results that a personal trainer provides.

You want to achieve your goals faster than you could on your own without wasting any time or effort.

We all need help on our path to success and your Team Achieve Coach will be there to guide you down the fastest route; like a sat nav for your goals.

With that in mind, we are the only personal training company locally to guarantee results.  We are so confident in our abilities as Coventry and Warwickshire’s leading personal trainers and health coaches; that if you don’t achieve the goals we agree upon together in the time frame set, we will give you back your full investment with us.

It was a difficult and often frustrating journey…
Achieve is known for getting fantastic results and offering a 200% money back guarantee to back this up.  However, in the early days, my clients were getting good results but not as quickly as I expected and not every time; this frustrated me as they were paying me for the result not to hold their hand or be their friend in the gym.

I was making big differences in my clients shape and posture but they weren’t dropping fat as quickly as I wanted them to.  I was following the nutrition guidelines from university and personal trainer school with them to the letter and not everyone achieved the results expected.  Initially, I put this down to me focusing on improving posture too much and not getting them to work intensely enough to begin with.  I focussed more on intensity as part of the corrective programme; it had a nominal effect.

We measured portion sizes, calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate ratio’s but the results weren’t predictable and my clients didn’t always feel that good.  So I started to explore other options, I read lots of books and studied with some of the UK’s and world’s leading experts.  I explored many different methods of nutrition for fat loss with my clients, looking at metabolic typing and biochemical individuality; this had the desired effect and clients started dropping fat faster than ever before.

However, I knew that something was still missing; we were on a journey chasing fat loss rather than health.  I focussed more on ‘clean’ nutrition and noticed that my clients were not only getting fantastic results but were feeling great too.

I couldn’t believe that the nutrition information that I had learnt from PT school and university was so poor; my clients trusted my advice and got great results but working in a big chain meant that they were always being bombarded with marketing materials about the latest supplements the chain were promoting.  I was in constant arguments with people over them; when we went on staff training on the supplements, the often overweight reps couldn’t answer my questions but some trainers would fall for their spiel.

The instructors were also forced to sell and promote the supplements to increase sales; which wound me up.  The company was keeping their members unwell; there would be the occasional success and they would promote the hell out of it.

My biggest frustration was that many of the instructors and trainers were chunky, including me; when I started following my new principles excess body fat dropped off me.  Unfortunately, the other trainers explained this to their clients, and themselves, as I had upped my intensity in training and not down to my nutritional approach as they didn’t believe in it in the same way they did the low fat, high carbohydrate approach they had been taught in personal trainer school.  I then took on a couple of the staff as clients and got great results with them, that’s when members started to listen and ignore the supplements.

As a result, I developed The Real Food Plan.  I continue to study and update my programme if I find methods that fit in to the base principle of eating foods that support human health and performance.  Lots of the information you have been told about nutrition is simply not true if you want to improve your health and improving your health is the only way to maintain long-term fat loss.  By chasing health, you will feel great and drop lots of body fat and inches rapidly; by chasing weight / fat loss you often put your health at risk.

“For nine years I had struggled with hormone imbalances, PCOS and various other issues attached to the mess that came with both of the above. All of which resulted in me being prescribed lots of medication, last count was 15 tablets per day.
With the help and nutrition support from Achieve and in just three months, not only have I lost weight (21lbs in the first four weeks), but I now only take two of the fifteen per day.
I can almost hear people saying that’s dangerous etc; however, this is in full agreement with my GP and clear blood tests!!
No looking back now. Achieve has changed how I feel and function, I’m 100% alive! Thank you”.
Amanda Turner

My degree dissertation was a mixture of biomechanics and physiology in martial arts and this lead me into the posture and corrective exercise side of things.  As mentioned above, I spent a lot of time working with clients to improve their posture and rehabilitate back pain.  At the health club, I worked closely with a great physiotherapist and specialised in injury rehabilitation with her as my mentor.

I focused on returning these clients back to full functional movement and again I studied with the best in the industry.  I learnt lots of assessment protocols that helped me understand what was happening in my client’s body, and developed exercise strategies to correct it.

I became impatient with the amount of time it was taking to correct postural imbalances and frustrated with recurring injuries, we were fixing the problem but not solving the cause of the problem.  I started searching for a more effective method; I came across Dax Moy’s Kinetic Chain Assessment course and was instantly hooked and wowed by the difference that could be made almost instantly.

The Kinetic Chain Assessment looks at the big picture of how your body works and aims to find the cause of any problems / injuries you have.  Working like a CSI, finding clues and evidence to build a case, the KCA integrates many styles of tests and assessments to discover the cause of the pain not simply treating the symptom.  The subsequent Achieve Movement Therapy treatments combine movement, massage, acupressure, corrective exercise and other therapies to ease any pain instantly and manage the problem from the root cause.

H had been having treatments for 3 years on her low back pain and was told to never exercise; she was so depressed that she signed up to Achieve Bootcamp any way.  During her first session she told me what the problem was as her osteopath from Harley Street, London had told her; she was travelling down twice per week from Coventry.
After only one Achieve Movement Therapy session she felt much better, the next day she was picking her kids up and playing in the park; something she hadn’t been able to do in over 3 years.  Some home exercises help her to manage the problem and her life has completely changed back to how it was before her back injury.

WARRIOR principles discovered …
I was helping my injury and posture clients with Kinetic Chain Assessments and Achieve Movement Therapy and using The Real Food Plan with my fat loss and health improvement clients and getting fantastic results with both groups.

During research into a client’s injury, I discovered how important nutrition and hydration is in pain and injury management.  By looking at the ‘big picture’ of a client’s health and not just their injuries, fitness or nutrition as separate entities, but their sleep quality, stress levels, relationships, mindset and finding their true goal; I started getting much quicker results that spanned across and improved every aspect of their lives.

I encourage my personal training clients and Achieve Bootcamp members to get a check up with the GP every 4 weeks for the first 3 months to have their medications reviewed and have seen great results with their medications being reduced or coming off them completely as Amanda’s story highlights above.

Looking at the bigger picture also had a massive effect on clients who came to me for injury rehab; their pain improves instantly and holds, they notice a difference across the board in their ability to perform everyday tasks.  Most therapists and trainers focus on only the problem site and not the body and its systems as a whole; using nutrition and Achieve Movement Therapy the results just kept coming.

I combined my nutrition programme with my assessment, therapy, corrective exercise and fitness programming systems to develop the WARRIOR principles; a holistic approach to improve the health, fitness and performance of everybody who came in to contact with Achieve.

The WARRIOR principles are my core beliefs on nutrition, fitness, mindset, injury management and health.

Nutrition is fundamental in the reaching the results you are aiming for; this is true for fat loss, performance, injury management and health.  Without addressing nutrition and its affects on your health, you will be fighting a losing battle.  However, the world is a confusing place when you are looking at your food intake; the internet has made it possible to find information on everything, but at the same time has made it very confusing.  And each week the media report on the latest pseudo-science or celebrity method.

There is no need to count calories, sins, points, analyse fats, proteins or carbohydrates or consume any ghastly powders or potions which ultimately steal health from your body.  The Real Food Plan focuses simply on eating on foods that are wholesome, natural and supportive to your body.  When you have established the basics, we can then discuss other strategies to assist your journey toward great health; including metabolic typing, biological terrain and biochemical individuality.

As mentioned above, your work with a personal trainer should be focussed on improving your health and this includes any exercise that is programmed in to your schedule.  Exercise adds a stress to your system and your body needs to be ready to adapt to it; random sessions without any prior thought will not help you reach any goal.

There was a time as a young PT that I felt like I wasn’t giving value if my client didn’t struggle to get out of the gym or feel sick; there is a time for ‘beastings’ but only when you are in good condition already and are not at risk of being broken.  The form of exercise and fitness selected for my clients depends on where they are in relation to their goals and how well they can perform basic human movements.

Full human function should be returned before embarking on any external resistance based work; that is the ability to move fully and painlessly through a full range of motion for primal movements.  The methods used vary but include movements from yoga and martial arts on a daily basis.  Mobility and integrated movement form a large part of our initial programmes; this allows us to work at a higher intensity with less risk of injury sooner in the programme, meaning that goals are reached quickly.

I believe the goals you set yourself should scare you a little; what is the point of aiming for something that doesn’t excite you.  Most people set their targets too low and fail to achieve them because they lack the drive to put the effort in that is required; if you aim high and ‘fail forward’ you are usually much further ahead than the little goals.

Goal setting is as much about the journey as it is about reaching the goal; by thinking big, we can experience so much more out of our lives.  My clients truly own their goals and tie them in to every aspect of their lives.  Doing this ensures that the journey will take a positive course; I want my clients to achieve way more than they thought possible when they join me, in every aspect of their life as ultimately this will lead to better health, which is my goal.

Every goal attained leads to more opportunities to achieve.  For example, as a young martial artist I focused on achieving my black belt; it filled every waking hour until I finally attained my goal.  When I wrapped my belt around my waist for the first time I looked around a saw the other black belts with stripes on their belts (degrees / dans) and knew what my next goal was.  Being a black belt also opened up the opportunity to run my own classes and take on my own students.

During your time with Achieve you will be guided through the WARRIOR principles to improve your health, performance and mindset to achieve any goal you set the target for.  You will learn the importance of correct hydration, attitude and mindset, relaxation and recovery, supportive nutrition and intensity required to reach your goals and be held accountable every step of the way.

Our mission at Team Achieve is to help busy men and women achieve optimal health, fitness and body shape by training them to find their inner WARRIOR and becoming the best version of themselves they are ready to be.

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